Fantastic Halibut Fishing

Dana Point Fish Report

The final week of May brought fantastic halibut fishing along with a steady pick of Yellowtail. These fish have been coming in all sizes and it’s been some of the funnest fishing around! There’s also been good white sea bass fishing for the guys putting in the time.

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The Yellowtail have been keyed in on live squid and Mackerel. We have caught a few while slow trolling Rapalas as well but live bait has been the ticket. The “Candy Bait,” AKA live squid, has been for sale at the local island but has been impossible to get near the main land. So we’ve been stocking up when when we fish Catalina Island. This has paid off for our customers as we landed countless 20-40 pound fish in our local waters.

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The Halibut fishing has been on. We’ve been waiting for them to start migrating closer to shore as they spawn around this time every year. They have been in slightly deeper water than we are use to fishing for them in, but they are in easy half day range for any of our boats. Halibut typically love to eat Anchovy, Squid Mackerel and Sardines. We typically drift sand bottom areas where there’s a concentration of bait fish when targeting Halibut. Lately we have had the best luck fishing for them with large sardines. Circle hooks have been key as the fish will inhale the bait.

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We specialize in private fishing charters for 1 to 6 passengers. We are a small group of local fishermen who grew up fishing out of Dana Point Harbor. We will put you on fish year round!

See our Open Party page to sign up for an upcoming trip, or call/text 949-939-3808 for more information.

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