Dana Point Open Party Fishing

Open Party

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Single individuals looking to join a small group (3 people max)

Open party fishing trips are held to 3 anglers and will be targeting the biggest fish available. We will focus on Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin, White Sea Bass, Halibut, and Yellowtail.

Open Party fishing trips are for people that want to fish with professional guides and don’t want to be on a crowded party boat. We only take 3 anglers on these trips, giving you the experience of a private fishing charter without having to pay for the entire boat. We want to catch fish as bad as you and we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

All fishing trips will come equipped with the necessary gear for any situation. Shimano and Accurate keep us rigged with all of the latest equipment so we don’t miss fish. We will also have a variety of different jigs and live bait.

Our boats are fast and made to get places in a hurry, if the fish aren’t biting or have moved, we will have the speed  to get into new zones quickly and find them.

You will be responsible to have a copy of your fishing license in your possession on the day of departure. The license can be purchased online at the California Fish and Game website, you can also purchase your license near our location if you are unable to get it online.

Full Day Trips : $475 per person


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