Fall Fishing At Its Finest

Dana Point Fish Report

Fall fishing at its finest. October brought on a push of Yellowfin Tuna to Southern California. We’ve been targeting these fish mostly around San Clemente and Catalina Island(s). There have been a lot of Tuna swimming with large Dolphin pods as of late. The key has been to get out in front of the pod and get some chum going. The pods are usually moving rapidly so it’s fast paced fishing, if you don’t get bit soon after the pod passes, we wind in and chase them down again. The other way we’ve been targeting these fish is marking them on the fish finder. When we mark a school, we set a long drift and get lots of chum going. This is really hands on fishing, you will have a rod in your hand the entire time. The fish have been biting light line so it makes for long fights and rewarding catches.

The 2016 Lobster season is off to an amazing start. We have been getting limits of Lobster on all of our trips (7 Lobsters per person). A lot of the Lobster have been on the bigger side too, with bugs coming up in the 3 to 6 pound range. On our Lobster trips we usually depart late afternoon, spend a little time fishing for Tuna, Halibut and Cod, and then set up our Lobster nets as the sun is going down.

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