Experience shared by Jonny Moore

Experience shared by Jonny Moore

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What a great day of fishing it turned out to be when my brother and I booked (The Alexandria) for a day of offshore fishing. The Captain knew our hopes were high and kept us on the hunt even when the first part of the day was slow fishing. He kept telling us, “just keep your eyes peeled boys, all it takes is that one nice paddy to make our day!”

My brother and I were starting to lose hope when we heard the Captain yell, “look alive we found it!” We looked out and we were headed straight for a paddy! We pulled along side it and started baiting our poles, the Captain said “this is our chance” as he started chumming the area. My brother and I couldn’t get our poles in the water fast enough, right off the bat we both had fish on! I remember the Captain yelling keep that rod tip up as he gaffed my fish and then my brothers right thru the gills! Then he yelled, get another bait on we’re on a school! We ended up catching eight fish off this one paddy!

After the madness was over we all let out a whoot and said WOW!!! Now that’s what fishing’s all about!! What an amazing time! Hats off to the Captain for staying so focused! We’ll truly never forget this and have since made it tradition to book at least four trips on The Alexandria per year!

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