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Free Diving, Spear Fishing,  and Scuba Diving

Go diving with Dana Point Sport Fishing! Our founder and Captain, Cheyne, is a certified PADI Dive Master and also was certified for free diving by the FII (Free Diving Instructors International).

Most of the trips we offer are catered around more advanced individuals. We focus on a variety of trips but hunting is our specialty. We target pelagic fish offshore like Dorado, Tuna and Yellowtail. Near shore we target White Sea Bass, Halibut and also Yellowtail. We will also conduct night dives targeting Lobster. It is not uncommon for us to put our customers on some of the biggest lobsters they’ve ever seen.

We have experience in leading dives in the shipwrecks out of Mission Bay in San Diego, the Reefs and kelp beds in Laguna Beach, and all over the front and backside of Catalina Island.

The Dive Boat, “The Alexandria” can accommodate 4 scuba divers or 4 free divers very comfortably. Since this is a private experience you will have say in where you dive and what specifically you want to accomplish. The Captain considers Orange County, San Diego and Catalina Island to be his local waters.


Experience shared by local real estate agent and local dive legend Steve Conrad.

An 11.5-pound bug caught off San Clemente – Realtor Steve Conrad said the tail was equivalent to six tails of normal lobsters. ‘All the meat was eaten and enjoyed,’ he said. Read full OC Register article HERE.

Lisa Scuba Class

Oceanside Scuba Class

Curtis - Local Legend

Experience shared by local legend Curtis Maddox

“Catching giant lobster like the one in this picture is why I love diving aboard The Alexandria. We always seem to come home with something to throw on the grill. Captain Cheyne knows where the land of the giants is and we get lobster this size every year!”

Kevin Duvall

Experience shared by local business owner Ken Duvall

“Ocean adventure is my passion. Whether it be lobster diving at night, fishing the banks for tuna, or just taking sunset cruise, Cheyne’s boat, The Alexandria, offers everything I need without breaking the bank.”

Spear Yellow

Chis Spear Fishing


Experience shared by Sam Empero

I heard there was a new dive boat out of Dana Point Harbor that specialized in spear fishing, something I hadn’t been able to find a Captain for in the past. I was lucky enough to meet Captain Cheyne at the local dive shop the day before this trip. We got talking and he said, hey I’ve got an extra spot for tomorrow why don’t you hop aboard. Man am I glad I took him up on the offer! I ended up spearing this beast near the end of our dive!

It’s great to know there’s a local guide that can put you on fish of this size within 20 minutes of Dana Point Harbor! I can’t wait to get some yellowtail with him!

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