Bluefin Tuna Fishing is Hot in Southern California

July 2019 marks another year of historic Bluefin Tuna Fishing off the Southern California Coast. Yesterday we landed the biggest Bluefin Tuna to hit the dock in 2019. We saw thousands of Tuna offshore. It’s been amazing fishing to say the least.

We’ve seen schools of fish stretching miles long the last few days, catching both Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna in the same schools. There’s been fish from 25 up to 250 pounds. As a bonus we’ve also been catching giant White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, Halibut and more. Yes, Orange County hasn’t seen fish of this caliber since the 1950’s. If there was ever a time to try and catch the fish of a lifetime it’s now, don’t wait to book, give us a call and let’s catch the fish of lifetime! As always, all of our private fishing trips and charters include everything you will need to successful out there; Rods/Reels, Tackle, Live Bait and we will Fillet your Fish.

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